Greetings Y’all

Greeting and welcome earthling …

I’m an Earthling by day,
an Intergalactic Cybernaught by night,
and this is my GlenSinclair.NET website.

I live in Victoria Australia, have a lovely cat named Keevee,
and I love piƱa coladas, and getting caught in the tropical rains.

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I do have to add the updated SSL certificate
coz for some reason it is miss be-having…

Have fun….

Cheerings: Glen-Philip

Picture of Glen Sinclair

PLEASE NOTE: I am still building this website
on my “local” dev environment.

  1. LOCAL is very good, go a grab it and create your own free website.
  2. http://getlocal.org and develop your own free website in a WordPress dedicated dev env.
  3. Then go grab some website hosting
    to upload your new free website up onto a webserver
    and thus live to the world.
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