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About Me

Meet Glen Sinclair

Greetings and Welcome...


Glen’s business experiences over the last few decades with his focus and research and analysis on current market trends has led to the development of ‘Buyer Action Mindset’ a Customer Focused Marketing Methodology, empowered when including the marvels of  ITC and automated marketing methods that invigorates and amplifies your so called ‘selling’ cycle.
  1. By customising your marketing messages based on your prospect’s behaviour.

  2. Making sure your message meets the mind set of a buyer ready to buy,
    or nurturing that connection until they are rabid fans.

  3. Spit Testing A-B or 0 using the success cycle model. (as a point in case this page is split tested A/B for A: personal first person approach as compared to B: the third person approach, the results will tell stories!)

When it comes to your business, a ‘buyers-focused selling’ approach is emphasised. Tracking and testing your marketing results for factual/actual results.

Split Test A/B-0 Internet Marketing consultant on the planet, and incorporating clever ITC technologies that make it all automated with minimal tweaking thereafter.

Glen Sinclair is the developer/creator of; 

1. (that is this website…)

2. Commercial Offerings, Reviews, Tricks
News and Tools…

3. -Pragmatic Psychology, and where you learn how to RELAX and destressify.

4. discussing the latest events and news regarding Crypto Currency.

5. a guided discussion about the Website creation industry and how literally to get a website for free, not Free, or FREE but actually free. (then discussing why you might not want a TOTALLY free website but one where you have more control depending on your purpose.

I also love creating tutorials, and reviews of useful tools and tips and tricks, so go there in the menu and check them out also. Even if it only ‘amuses you’ and makes you laugh then I have done my job, lol. Cheerings; Glenn Philip Sinclair


“I often laugh about resumes, and I am sure you do too,
knowing that because a resume is perhaps the only time
when one actually presents as perfected” GPS

From the DESK of; Glen Sinclair

“Three Reasons* You are probably not
a good fit for Consulting With Me, and
maybe you SHOULD NOT BE HERE at all…”

Hello, I am Glen Sinclair

As it goes after Glen Sinclair made several mediocre attempts to sound smarter than he really is by writing about himself in the third person, he quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write this page like it is a real discussion between two real people or as a letter to a friend, maybe even you!


I often laugh about the “about” page on websites because normally they are written in the third person about themselves ordinarily… even though they’re typically written by the owner of the site, such as this one is… Perhaps it is “normal academic protocol/programming” … protocol gone mad I say, where has the humanity gone!?

Which … in many ways, it is mad, losing humanity, the personal approach, which I shall go into with you in depth one day, should we get to talking.



*You’re probably wondering …
“Is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention?”

For many readers, my simple answer is NO…


Here’s why:

1. I cannot help you get rich quick.

For some reason, people mostly equate “selling products on the Internet”
to equaling “get rich quick”.

I do understand that perspective because that is what basically attracted me to the Internet in 1995, the factor of massive leverage for an Small Medium Enterprise [SME], (more on that later).

Basically the story goes that you do very little, and it would be easy money, and one would have thousands coming in every day … on autopilot.

Well, it was not, and still is not easy money.

I have made many sales over the internet, and that feeling is AWESOME I must say, but it was not millions of easy money coming in every day like “they” said.

That really frustrated me because you see, I had earned my Bachelor of Business Management (Graduating in 1994), with dual majors in Marketing Management and Computer Science, and subsequently worked at TWO of the FOUR major Banks in Australia as a ITC Consultant, Trainer and Senior System Analyst, so you would think I could get it to work super easy right?


And that is a big story to tell again, right there… We have come such a long way in such a short time, I am still in awe of the technologies available today, I just love it all!

It was a wild, wild, new-world, and the days of easy google marketing and figuring out what worked in the real world and what translated to the internet, well, that’s take a lot of mistake-making and correcting let me tell you.

…And it still takes work, perseverance, incremental improvements, fine tuning, to keep it all running.

So basically if you are not prepared to commit to actionable tasks, measure your successes, and let us just guesstimate; roughly ten times more effort than you’re probably expecting, Sorry I am not your guy. Goodbye.


2. Doing the actions required …

There is a lot of DOINGNESS, going on. My results are based on come from me making sure you get reults

If you don’t want to DO “Marketing Management” such as advertising /promotions /tracking /analysis, installing funnels /improving the machine, you’re not going to enjoy my stuff.

 Actually No; I do not sell advertising,
(well maybe later).

But here is why I’m telling you all this;

You may have already be aware of this perspective, that as you are zooming down the “Internet Marketing” rabbit hole, and you will see all kinds of ads and articles about free traffic, how to get rich by having other people promote your product, and all kinds of hype on the “latest loopholes” for “gaming the system”.

Does some of it work? Probably. In the short term, and then you have to find the “magic bullet” once again, over and over, forever getting new ammunition to feed the gun.

STOP THAT, stop shooting yourself in the foot.

You see now that if your Cashflow relies on that type of repetition, “hunting for the ammo”, you don’t have a sustainable business.

You have an income stream that’s ‘sometimes’ supported by an unsustainable gimmick, a drip feed of random Cashflow burst, like an addict taking in drugs, you need the next fix, again and again.

And that repetitive ammo chasing, is a waste of your efforts and your time.

If you want to “waste/spend” time go for a walk in the park, and jump in puddles. It’s more fun.


3. If you are looking for “The Easy Way”, I do not want to help you, and I cannot.

ATTENTION: It is important you understand what I am telling you here…

I can/could help you, I just will not do it. Yes sure I am capable of it, but I refuse to do it…


Because when I hear someone say;

“What is the easiest way?”

What I’m really hearing is;

“I’m not fully invested in the long term success of my own business” …


“You are therefore not fully invested in the long term success of your customers.”

All that really translates to “I do not want to work at it”, am I right? Adios then, goodbye!



Look, let’s be real, selling things on the Internet is “HARD WORK”.

You have to do it, or pay someone else to do it…

Yes sure, when it’s all up and running on all cylinders, it can be just like you imagined:

“Passive revenue and money while you sleep.”

But that takes HARD WORK (consistent) to create and it takes HARD WORK (consistent) to maintain.

Take a well-tuned car for example, when it running sweetly it just purrs smoothly and is economical to run.

When the car is in need of repair, SO MANY things can go wrong, even dangerous events and cause a fatal crash… and you don’t need that right!

The car analogy has many useful perspectives, and we could go on extracting many useful examples, but I am sure you get the drift right?

SO You are Still Here? Good…

OK! Here is what you can expect from me;

  • Actionable Strategies and Tactics you can use in your marketing right now,
    some for free (read The-mMOO) and my various other websites and training’s.
  • However the most tailored ones are specifically to be implemented as a part of my consulting with you and your business, as these are tailored to your situation…

…which are usually followed by:

  • Sales pitches, or to change the paradigm, offers of useful tools and techniques that you may buy.

Can you believe I just told you flat out that you’re going to receive sales pitches from me?

OK and so why would I not I tell you? … I have things to sell, you have a need to buy the things that I sell, to get those benefits that you see apply to your business model and your Cashflow strategy… right?

Fair dinkum, (it’s an Aussie saying meaning “to be real”) I am in the business of business, and as a “business marketing guru” and make money by selling stuff, or helping you to buy my stuff!

Actually I will make many offers to you, many you will by because they pertain to you, on the other hand, some you can see how they will help others (you can model from them), take them or leave them, you choose, you simply buy what you need, it’s that simple. there is a whole discussion about Sell vs Buy and we will leave that for another day, ok!

So I will be making offers to you, I will not be subtle about it! Your focused attention is important to me!

However – offers are always preceded by really valuable strategies and tactics you can use immediately.

That’s always my added value strategy to you, and it is “free”, and up front!

You firstly get them in my Free Consulting Appointment, that we will have to find out if we have a meeting of the minds, I will mention many things that you can do, for free in your business now, right up front, no expectations required. When we both decide we are compatible and desire to do more business together into the future, then I will be analyzing your business to find the sweet tuning spots that can be accomplished, after you have signed up for my monthly consulting!

My fee schedule is OVER HERE,
where you can make an appointment right NOW!

ALSO now is a good time to tell you about my 200% Guarantee. No it is not a ‘double-your-money-back’ or anything, that would be insane. It comes down to TRAVEL. Simply I travel a lot, and when Murphy and his crew interfere, not all plans go smoothly as we know.  “SHITE HAPPENS”. So if I need to cancel and appointment with you in less then 24 hours or for some reason cant even make it to an arranged interview time, just know this; “Some thing has happened” pray that I am still ok. I will take the responsibility for ‘that’ causing us a mismatch, in that as my guarantee I offer you a DOUBLE TAKE! That is “TAKE TWO” for the price of one, an extra free appointment for you at your chosen booking time. Now that is built in value for you!

AND for those with whom I don’t get a meeting of the minds (yet) to do some coaching/consulting/training/mentoring with, you can still avail yourself of my online websites (there are many), in webinars, in video training’s,  and real live, “butts on seats” active, participatory, “skin in the game” training courses etc…

Ultimately the added value principle is, and you will say; “Great Man, thanks, this free stuff really helped me and now I will have a go at some of your paid stuff, thanks again!”

That’s is all pretty simple, right?

PRINCIPLE: I like to call it;

“That Old; “demonstrate first”, principle”, showing that
“You Can Actually Help, By Actually Helping FIRST” trick.

It so far works like a charm…

But you may still be wondering … Hmmmmmm !


So How Will I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?

Well, actually the smartest thing to do right now then, is to just get some of my free materials, and PUT THEM INTO ACTION! I AM just saying that again … PUT THEM INTO ACTION!

When you like them, you’ll most likely love my more advance training courses, consulting and coaching!

If you don’t like any of them, then you won’t, so happy days! Move On!


But I think somewhere I am supposed to be doing the whole “self-aggrandizing biography” thing about now.

That reminds me of a joke:

Q: How do you achieve perfection?
A: The only time you literally
achieve ‘perfection’, is in your resume” !
Boom BOOM!

OK, Ha Ha, but true right? Still all jokes aside, here goes:

I started my “Marketing” career as a child, because we had a Farmers Market-Door Direct-Sales to the Public outlet, selling farm produce of course!

My many “sales” experiences since then have been in various roles, from Small Corners Stores, to Milk runs, with direct delivery to clients homes, to “selling” homes as a franchise, to “selling” Kits Homes and Kit Garages, to “selling” some of the early versions of Self Help manuals and audio tapes with workbooks, to again “selling” Homes as a consultant and on it goes, until I finally graduated from University.

Going to University for me was actually motivated by the idea that I could learn how to make money and not go broke in the process.

But the best thing was I achieved double majors being Marketing Management and Computing Science, that was really two distinct disciplines that eventually came together in many ways in the “Internet Marketing” space as the decades rolled on. Who would have thought back then right! Wow!

Unfortunately, after graduation in the short term, I ended up becoming a rat in the rat race, and got SO into being a rat, I had no time for myself again …  commuting, working long hours, all for big businesses, something had to seriously change.

One thing I did observe or maybe ‘rediscover’ was that sales was not about selling.

Perhaps a shocking statement to many of you reading this I know!

It was what I learned in the early days, from people SIMPLY BUYING what was on offer with low or no resistance, buying behavior became my focus and research for ages after that idea surfaced… the rediscovery is that people don’t get ‘sold’ essentially they actually buy. It is simply from their point of view right?

OK, yes SALES philosophy and practice is still useful of course, it just a subtle shift in thinking that means it is really about YOU the buyer, not about the product and it has to be SOLD.

SALES are a result of buyer action! A fact, a data point recorded, that is it!


Here’s What I Will Help You With, Specifically!

My main focus is to help you turn marketing such as advertising into profit by using automation.

My offer to you, as a consultancy and your personal coach and for you and your business, systematized thinking, using modern and emerging tested marketing tactics, that engage and reengage your audience building a relationship with your buyers whom repeatedly buy from you, and/or encourage others to buy from you.

It is, in my humble opinion, the holy grail of modern marketing management, using modern IT to do the heavy lifting once it is all setup. Rinse and Repeat on Autopilot.

How about I show you how to;

“Get the more difficult buyer to want your product or service before they buy from you.” and

“Have buyers come through a series of relationship building interactions that supports the more difficult clients through to your higher value ticketed items”

I show you this here as I demonstrate this by how you personally come onto my clients list, from the start of a funnel to the big ticket items and all those in between. you model what I am doing effectively.

I show you the best way to genuinely help your buyers-to-be, a.k.a. as prospects to build a relationship with them/you so they never feel sold to, never have what is known as “buyers-remorse”, or “post-purchase-dissonance”, and are genuinely interested in what you have to offer every step of the way.

You see that, right there, here I am also showing you transparently what I do!

And you can do it to, automate it and sit back on a beach somewhere, or all right, I generally am somewhere doing training or classes myself, just busy educating myself or someone else, most of the time. Or incrementally pushing the “wheelbarrows of life”, my metaphor for my many projects that I have on going.


Here is a “Sales Pitch” To You:

Go to one of my homepages on one of my many websites, have a look around get some free stuff, if you like that, then get some paid goodies and services, and also read some of the articles on my sites.

SERIOUSLY: You have read this far, so I believe You will like them, go ahead and got some of my Free Training’s / Free Online Business Magazine / Free plugins for WordPress / Mind Maps / Reports, the list goes on, as you will find out.

Can I say already;

Welcome Aboard

You have already taken the first few steps, getting to know me a bit, reading this far, now get my stuff,

Consider buying my stuff when I make you an offer, and then start the relationship.

"A relationship is like a Jumbo Jet.
 It requires TWO pilots, or it's going nowhere fast."

You can quote me on that, Lol. GPS

Finally and in closing, Thank You for reading this website, and now get DOING SOMETHING!

"Being proactive, means you are moving 
 in the direction you choose to go in."

Again You can quote me on that. GPS


No it is not the end, it is just a new beginning!


Consider me as your coach, a gps guidance
system, adjusting your tiller ever so slightly,
such that you are maintaining your true course.

So again welcome and thank you for being present…

Especially for investing your time to check this ‘About Me’ page.

To ensure that we will have a great fit (or not), you may like to know a bit more about me.

Even if that just for our banter sake,
so you can ask further meaningful BIG TALK
questions about me in the pre-coaching interview.

and check out my 200% GUARANTEE down below.

Anyway – What do you really need to know?

I am in my mature years of age chronologically speaking, but like many of us our age, we wont act it, and maybe will grow up some day…

Q: REAL AGE; I will tell you in private if you really need to know. Remember this is a public space.

I live in the Australian country most of the time, and travel a lot.

I have two cats, four or five, kangaroos, a dozen or so Magpies, two hundred bunnies (free range), and a wombat named Digger.

However I am guessing that’s not the meat and potatoes stuff you are really looking for. LOL.

About ME...

Here I am in Australia on that BIG island down under…


  • RELAX; We can still SKYPE and webinar connect ok!

I started contract work in the ITC financial/banking industry in the early nineties, straight after graduating from University way back in 1994, with a Business Management Degree.

Rising to Senior Systems Analyst/ Programmer/Trainer by the late nineties…

While working as ITC Consultant on contract(s) to two of the BIG FOUR major BANKS* here in Australia

*(plus many other BIG contracts over the years).


Q: Oh the time-bit in the middle? (between the born and uni bit?)

A: … just to save a few paragraphs, we will skip the childhood years ok! JUMP !

Straight after boarding school and before the uni bit, I attended a Trade T.A.F.E. College completing  my Apprenticeship in Horticulture, as I was raised up on an apple/cherry orchard, where I was managing over 35 people. That  is a hard gig,  when you are a teenager…

I am a third generation entrepreneur on both side of my family tree.

After graduation of my Horticulture Craftsman Apprenticeship,  I attended more TAFE doing a Diploma in Psychology and Business for a few years, I transferred over to Uni at CSU. Albury. Australia in 1985.

I attended University (CSU), initially to major in Tourism,
(because I live in a tourist town, BEECHWORTH. Vic. AU.)
However I soon switched my ‘Tourism’ interest over to a ‘Major in Marketing Management‘. After deciding to drop all tourism subject altogether I then powered on to also eventually finish with DOUBLE MAJOR by including a ‘Major in Computing Science’.

I focused mostly on the ITC world from then on, alas leaving the land, the farm and the lifestyle for a decade or so, until I woke up and had a tree change as they call it.

I returned back to the LAND all facilitated by the TECHNOLOGICAL revolution of the ubiquitous Internet. We now have faster internet than most towns with Fixed-Wireless Broadband NBN and I love it.

Actually this website was really built with you in mind and I/we believe
that you will find it VERY useful in terms of YOUR COACHING or else if only the simplest thing is to show you about how Crypto-Currency is a game changer for business. A veritable disruptive technology, that is set to change the way be buy and sell everthing.