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Go ahead pick Glenn’s brain – Back End Marketing -Funnels and Automation, Coaching and ITC Consultation.

Pick My Brain

-Go ahead pick Glenn’s brain…

– Back End Marketing -Funnels and Automation Consultation.

Q: What is the number one way to strategically grow your business?

You’ve probably heard or seen the news somewhere… Businesses of all types and sizes, from mega-corporations all the way down to SME independent bricks and mortar businesses, (Yes! Even non-profits and charities) are all seeing huge increases in sales and the quality of leads by using marketing automation systems and implementing Back-End-Strategies (aka marketing automation and funnels).

Even better, when combined with traditional advertising such as print, radio, TV, direct mail, and trade shows, marketing automation is enabling business owners such as yourself, tremendous leverage, with immediate response to customers enquiries and increased business intelligence that improves ROI and helps make better decisions.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to explore how a
Back-End-Strategy that uses marketing automation can help grow your business?

Well, the good news is Your wait is over!

Entrepreneur Magazine has said that “Marketing Automation” the next ‘Killer App’ because companies that use it;

  1. Experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  2. See 10% or greater revenue increase in the first 6-9 months.
  3. Can save 15% on creative production expenses

And NOW is the Perfect time to finally gain control, and systematise your business so that you can enjoy more consistent sales increase with less work and effort! 

As Robert Kiyosaki would say to us often; “Be working ‘on your business’ and not in it!” This means systematise and get ‘your’ time back. And that was what the book The Emyth by Micheal Gerber was all about. SYSTEMATISE.

Best of all, you no longer have to suffer the pain of all those ‘promising opportunities’ that would inevitably “fall through the cracks” and the “missed sales” that are still passing you by each and every day (somebody is getting those sales… it might as well be you!).

If you’re wondering what all this “Back End” stuff is all about,
and exactly how Glenn Sinclair can help you and
your business then I’ve got just the right thing for you…

We are calling it “Pick Glenn’s Brain 2.0”

It’s a complete 30-minute consultation to address those burning issue that is haunting you right now, and analyse how investing in business automation will force most of them to vaporise. We introduce you to the benefits of a marketing automation strategy and leave you with a set of action steps for you so that you can start catching those lost sales opportunities, all while decreasing costs, boost your R.O.I. and installing automation systems and processes into your business ASAP. Systemisation also improves the saleability of your business also, therefore, its leveragability.

What to Expect From Me

Just complete the payment process and I’ll send you my complete Marketing Assessment Packet. 

Once you have made the payment you will be automatically sent
your link to schedule your “Pick Glenn’s Brain” call.

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