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I call this a ‘Pecunidigm’

“They have a Paradigm to protect and it is usually because of Pecuniary interest.”

I call this a ‘Pecunidigm’…

Essentially a pecuniary interest driving the protection of a paradigm.

Pecunidigm’ is a simple compound word (as not yet in Wikipedia, unless you put it there) = (n)
a simple compound word from Pecuniary and Paradigm = ‘Pecunidigm’)
= 1. Where there is a pecuniary interest (declared or not) in maintaining a paradigm, (which we all to a degree suffer from, inflicting on others, alas. Particularly when we have invested our time, money and self-identity in creating our-self,)
However, the paradigms will always overtime shift, as they all must, change is inevitable.
When you don’t test ‘you’ (anyone) don’t REALLY know in a literal, visceral, empirical sense, but rely on ‘someone’ else’s glib and flippy opinion (even though sincere and congruent) which is in most cases an un-tested or tried opinion.

Ask them “How do you know that?”

An analogy would be to take on board someone’s opinion
1. on riding a bike, if your educator has ridden one, then they can comment at that level, else
2. if you have seen someone do it, you can comment at that level of experience,
3. but to make statements from a not knowing perspective (even about your own preferred ‘known’ topics) is what integrity and truth are about…
When you/anyone has not tested something yourself/myself then a declaration and transparency are in order not to deceive/mislead unintentionally or not, the reader/listener.