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Reading CONTENT for information VS Knowing the Content

Reading of CONTENT for information, VS Knowing the ‘same content’ that we have read?

You/I/we can read the words in a book and yet
how do you know when you really know the content?

Bob Proctor says he has read ‘The Science Of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles over 100 times, and yet EACH TIME he reads it he learns something new. Why is that?

You can read the book a second time and third time and subsequent times you will read something NEW in it almost every time, YET we are reading the same EXACT same words again, and again, and again….

Even when you write a book, We/I learn new things about the content ourselves, almost every time, but more so when one has a break from the reading and the writing, and comes back fresh to the process.

SO what it in the CONTEXT the we are learning… DO WE REALLY KNOW IT, YET again we learn more upon subsequent reading from the SAME WORDS.

THE VERY FIRST TAKE AWAY we can learn from this observation, is as Bob Proctor also says “The First Law of Learning is REPETITION”

Glenn P Sinclair