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Why Business Networking Works

In this day of the internet, Apple Ipads, and Ubiquitous Androids, you’d think business owners would spend all their time on the internet to drum up new business. Not so.

The smart business owners do a considerable amount of business networking and that means networking two, three, and even four times a week.

What is networking?

Meeting other business people, generally at a meeting or event, and discussing the possibility of doing business with one another at some time in the future providing one of you needs the other’s service or product.


Why does networking work? It’s simple. People will do business with people they know, like and trust.

People are creatures of habit. They shop at the same stores over and over or they go to the same stores out of convenience. So how does that relate to networking?


If you see a person at a networking meeting over and over and talk to them once in awhile, you are developing a relationship with them. You are getting to know them. You might be learning about the schools their children attend.

Perhaps you learn you both like the same baseball team. You’ll also be learning about each other’s business.


By attending the same networking meetings over and over, people will get to know you and, hopefully, like you.

So where does the trust come in? Over time, trust is built up. You are likely to get a good product or service from a business person you know you are going to see week after week at a meeting. They would be very uncomfortable if they sold you a bad bill of goods then had to see you week after week at a meeting.


Another way to earn trust from your fellow business owners is to ask them to give you a testimonial at a meeting after they have done business with you. Ask if you can also put that testimonial on your website.

Put a photo of them on your site as well for added emphasis.

Getting someone to know, like, and trust you takes time.

Attend the same networking events each week or month.

Give referrals once you build trusting relationships.

Your business will grow as a result.